wedding cakes

Wedding Cakes: A Ceremony by Itself

A wedding cake is a customary cake served at wedding ceremonies after dinner. In some areas of England, the wedding cakes are served as a wedding breakfast; the wedding breakfast doesn’t necessarily mean that the meal is to be held early in the morning, however, on the same day. The wedding cakes are traditionally round in shape with a long square or rectangular base and a short top. Wedding cakes are usually made of fruitcake or wedding cakes and glazed in white or yellow frosting.


One traditional types of wedding cakes is a chocolate wedding cake, which usually has a chocolate fondant topping. The chocolate fondant is often decorated with marzipan, fresh fruits and sometimes other sugar flowers. Sometimes, chocolate curls or chocolate coins are used as accents. Another variation of chocolate cake is the chocolate angel cake. This cake has a thin white layer with chocolate shavings or lollipops as accents.

Another option for wedding cakes is the wedding cakes with buttercream icing covering. The buttercream icing is a recipe which can be found on the internet or in books with recipes printed. To make this cake, you need to use cooled butter, unsalted cold cream cheese, sugar, chocolate pieces and food colouring. Next, mix all the ingredients until the mixture holds its shape.

Other wedding cakes to look out for are the wedding cakes decorated with marzipan or even the wedding cakes decorated with a fondant topping. These two are made from the same recipe but are done in different ways. Marzipan is a pastry that has been rolled out and used to make lattice-like layers. The fondant topping used to decorate the wedding cakes is also a pastry, rolled out and decorated with a fondant topping. The recipes for these two varieties are relatively the same.

wedding cakes

Popular Wedding Cakes

The most popular wedding cakes for dessert are the ones that have a variety of flavours. In America, the most popular flavours are hazelnut and blueberry. Most Middle Eastern wedding cakes use dates as their flavour, whereas French and Italian cakes use blueberries and cranberries. It says lael, a slang word for honey in Israel, which is the most common flavour.

Wedding cakes’ baker says that the choice of flavours depends on the bride’s taste and budget. She can also play with flavours to suit the wedding theme. Some people choose a cake with a hint of vanilla to add a hint of elegance to the occasion. Others may choose red velvet for a wedding with a romantic theme. However, the baker says it all comes down to the bride and her moods.

Important Tips

One important thing to note is that white icing should be used to top wedding cakes and not the regular brown icing used to top cupcakes. When the wedding is held outdoors, the regular brown icing is not appropriate since it will get baked into the wedding cakes. The white icing gives the wedding cakes a better look and is easier to use than the brown. The wedding cakes can be made in several layers, however, the bride should choose the number she likes best.

When the wedding cakes are decorated, it is important to let the guests who will be attending the wedding know so they can bring a piece or two. However, when the cake has already been decorated, the bride should place the pieces together before serving it. When serving the wedding cakes, the bride can also include the wedding cakes’ toppings and decorations. When the wedding cakes are served, the guests can help themselves to them. They can place a piece or two on their plate or fork as a wedding token.

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