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Themed Party Cakes

When it comes to getting a little girl excited about the approaching holiday season, one of the best ways is to provide her with decorated themed cakes. These sweet confections can get everyone involved in a holiday celebration and make the young ladies feel like princesses for a few hours. Themed cupcakes and cupcake accessories are now readily available at a variety of bakery shops in your local area. If you want to see a full array of the newest flavours of themed cakes, it might be a good idea to spend a little time at your local bakery during one of their sales visits.

Popular Flavours

One of the most popular flavours for themed cakes is frosted or coloured with Christmas colours. There are plenty of bakers that specialize in creating this type of confection, and many of them will have an online presence as well. Once you have found the ones that are offering what you are looking for, simply contact them to learn more about how they can help you create the perfect Christmas-themed cupcake for your daughter’s party. Some of the popular colours for cupcakes are quite obvious, but others may surprise you.

For example, snowmen and Christmas trees have become very popular as of late. Many bakeries will have a selection of seasonal flavoured cakes or cupcakes that are appropriate for any type of Christmas-themed event. If you are hosting a themed birthday party for an infant girl, then you should look for frosted Christmas trees in various shades of white. Snowflakes are always a hit at themed birthday parties.

Another popular flavour for themed cakes is red velvet. Red tinted frosting can be used to create these wonderful creations, and the red and white can be accented with Christmas stars or other holiday decorations. Another way to add that special touch to a cupcake is by using red or white icing to outline the outline of the cupcake. This is often called “star and stripe” frosting. You can find red and white frosting tips at most bakery supply retailers.

Planning a Party

When planning a party for children, it is always best to go with the classic flavour. After all, your child’s favourite character, from Snow White to the Care Bears, are all cakes. So, if you are having a girls’ birthday party, try a fruitcake. Your daughter will love it and you will love getting the best-themed cakes for the occasion.

party cakes

Of course, your children’s favourite cartoon character is always a hit at their birthday parties. There are many different types of themed party cakes made with a variety of characters. From Spongebob Squarepants to Barbie, there are plenty of options. There are also plenty of cupcakes that feature one character, such as Bob the Builder or Ironman. If you want to have a more affordable cake, then check out themed cupcake recipes. These cupcakes are much cheaper and will only need icing and bake time.

For a more elaborate themed cake, you may wish to try and incorporate a red carpet or a “photo via” theme. These cupcakes look simply amazing, whether you have purchased them or made them yourself. One example would be a cake that resembles a large red carpet that has cupcakes on each corner. One edge of the cake has been decorated in a red ribbon, and the “photo via” of the cake is what catches the ribbon as it extends over the cupcakes.

Themed cakes are always a hit at adult parties, and you can transform your adult party into an elegant affair with fondant popcorn and photo via cakes. Most movie-themed cakes sell for around $15 per piece, although you can have one custom made specifically for you. Customized cupcakes such as these are quite easy to create. All you need are fondant, red ribbon, and a small camera. Once you have your cake made, all you need to do is set up a photo via the website and send off your guests in their very own cars!

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