How Much Does Wedding Catering Cost?

Wedding catering is such an important aspect of planning a wedding. Luckily, there are countless ways to cut your wedding catering costs and still stay on track with your wedding budget. Here, experienced industry experts share everything you should know about wedding catering on a budget. From how much to serve, what kind of food to serve, and how much food to serve per person, they’ll show you how to get it all under control for your wedding day. You can have the wedding of your dreams and still find a way to keep it on a budget. Keep reading to find out more.

Wedding Catering

It might be difficult to imagine how you can go about finding a wedding catering provider that fits into your wedding plans, but it doesn’t have to be. There are options available for just about every kind of budget. Don’t let your wedding get away from you by paying over the odds with a wedding caterer that will leave you dissatisfied. Choose carefully and make sure that you know exactly what you’re getting when you hire the caterer.

Finding a Caterer

The bottom line is this: when it comes to wedding catering, it’s about the food. There are so many different options when it comes to what kind of food a caterer can prepare for you. Let’s start with hors d’oeuvres. Look for a caterer who makes its bread with local butter and gouda or smoked salmon that’s been freshly made using wild-caught salmon.

You also want to look for a wedding catering provider who offers a variety of different types of food. For example, if you and your soon to be spouse are going to have an outdoor wedding, you can pair the food truck with a fantastic buffet spread or even the wedding cake.

Food Trucks

Food trucks are great wedding catering options because they offer flexible hours. The food truck can come and go as needed making it easy for you to change your mind when it comes to menu choices. In addition, food truck vendors typically give you plenty of creative and unique ideas for food and drinks to make the event memorable. 

Formal Weddings

On the other hand, a more formal wedding might require a full sit down dinner. If that is what you’re planning, be sure to find a caterer who can prepare a full seated meal and then deliver it in a very casual way that still conveys quality and style. A catering business that offers wedding menus in traditional, modern, or casual styles is ideal because it’s easier to impress your guests. The classic style wedding catering menu will go over well with more formal guests while the modern menu will fit well with less formal guests.


Another thing to keep in mind when trying to determine wedding catering costs is whether you want a sit-down meal or a buffet. Buffets offer a selection of food from various locations around your country which gives couples several different options to enjoy different tastes. Couples who decide to have a sit-down meal receive everything from appetizers to dessert at a more reasonable price than a buffet which helps couples break their wedding budget.

Other Considerations

Other wedding catering costs include per person service fees. Some companies base their fee on the number of people in attendance which can result in very expensive food costs for large wedding receptions. For smaller receptions that may not need as many guests as larger events, a per person service charge is fine. 

Wedding Catering

It is important to figure out how much catering is going to cost when you begin planning the wedding. Many couples find that hiring a wedding planner can help them to save money and remember that wedding consultants often work for a fee. 

If couples can plan and budget well they may be able to save money when the wedding is completed by paying the wedding catering cost out of pocket. Whether couples choose to pay out of pocket or consult a wedding consultant regularly, they should take into consideration wedding catering costs when planning their wedding.

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party cakes

Themed Party Cakes

When it comes to getting a little girl excited about the approaching holiday season, one of the best ways is to provide her with decorated themed cakes. These sweet confections can get everyone involved in a holiday celebration and make the young ladies feel like princesses for a few hours. Themed cupcakes and cupcake accessories are now readily available at a variety of bakery shops in your local area. If you want to see a full array of the newest flavours of themed cakes, it might be a good idea to spend a little time at your local bakery during one of their sales visits.

Popular Flavours

One of the most popular flavours for themed cakes is frosted or coloured with Christmas colours. There are plenty of bakers that specialize in creating this type of confection, and many of them will have an online presence as well. Once you have found the ones that are offering what you are looking for, simply contact them to learn more about how they can help you create the perfect Christmas-themed cupcake for your daughter’s party. Some of the popular colours for cupcakes are quite obvious, but others may surprise you.

For example, snowmen and Christmas trees have become very popular as of late. Many bakeries will have a selection of seasonal flavoured cakes or cupcakes that are appropriate for any type of Christmas-themed event. If you are hosting a themed birthday party for an infant girl, then you should look for frosted Christmas trees in various shades of white. Snowflakes are always a hit at themed birthday parties.

Another popular flavour for themed cakes is red velvet. Red tinted frosting can be used to create these wonderful creations, and the red and white can be accented with Christmas stars or other holiday decorations. Another way to add that special touch to a cupcake is by using red or white icing to outline the outline of the cupcake. This is often called “star and stripe” frosting. You can find red and white frosting tips at most bakery supply retailers.

Planning a Party

When planning a party for children, it is always best to go with the classic flavour. After all, your child’s favourite character, from Snow White to the Care Bears, are all cakes. So, if you are having a girls’ birthday party, try a fruitcake. Your daughter will love it and you will love getting the best-themed cakes for the occasion.

party cakes

Of course, your children’s favourite cartoon character is always a hit at their birthday parties. There are many different types of themed party cakes made with a variety of characters. From Spongebob Squarepants to Barbie, there are plenty of options. There are also plenty of cupcakes that feature one character, such as Bob the Builder or Ironman. If you want to have a more affordable cake, then check out themed cupcake recipes. These cupcakes are much cheaper and will only need icing and bake time.

For a more elaborate themed cake, you may wish to try and incorporate a red carpet or a “photo via” theme. These cupcakes look simply amazing, whether you have purchased them or made them yourself. One example would be a cake that resembles a large red carpet that has cupcakes on each corner. One edge of the cake has been decorated in a red ribbon, and the “photo via” of the cake is what catches the ribbon as it extends over the cupcakes.

Themed cakes are always a hit at adult parties, and you can transform your adult party into an elegant affair with fondant popcorn and photo via cakes. Most movie-themed cakes sell for around $15 per piece, although you can have one custom made specifically for you. Customized cupcakes such as these are quite easy to create. All you need are fondant, red ribbon, and a small camera. Once you have your cake made, all you need to do is set up a photo via the website and send off your guests in their very own cars!

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cake design

Cakes For Men: Decorating Ideas

There is a long and rich history behind the cake design. It is believed that the first cake design took place over 3 thousand years ago in the ancient desert of Egypt. Royal Birthdays was celebrated with extravagant flat cakes that looked like cakes but were made from edible cake mix. In the early 17th century, bakers developed the idea of creating multiple-tier and frosted birthday cake designs, which often included floral designs.

After the French Revolution, when King Louis XIV began to introduce new civil laws in France, he banned any kind of flavoured cake or sweetened cakes. This eventually affected not only French cake design but cakes from all over Europe. People had to come up with ways to make their favourite cake taste different, especially if it was meant to be an accessory for an important birthday celebration.


The cake design has changed over the years, however, and there are now several famous ones that are parts of birthday party traditions, such as birthday cake toppers, Mickey Mouse cake toppers, and much more. If you want to have your cake decorated, then you can have a professional baker to create a cake design for you. However, if you have the time, then you can also do some of the decoration yourself. Cake decorating has gotten so much easier in recent years. For example, you no longer need to use heavy cream or buttercream icing to design a cake, because you can now use fondant or buttercream in its place.


You can also have a cake decorated according to a theme. For example, if you are celebrating a baby’s birthday, then you can have a cake decorated according to baby colours. You can even use pink frosting if it is the baby’s favourite colour. You can also use cake design books or magazines to get ideas. You can also look online for tips on how to make a cake look decorated. Tons of websites offer information on cake decoration.

Some people also like to have a themed cake design. They can dress the tiered cake in blue for a baby’s birthday party, or they can dress it up in a red, pink, and white theme for a baby girl’s birthday party. If it is a surprise birthday party, then you can have the cake designer add a personalized cake topper on each cake. A personalized cake is great because it shows that you took the extra effort to make that special day even more special for the person that is celebrating. A good cake designer can be very creative when it comes to ideas for themed cake designs.

cake design

Design Options

Some men prefer more masculine cake designs. For a man’s birthday, you could get him a cake that says something like “Happy Birthday, sir” or “To Your Health, sir”. Cakes that are shaped like tools or sports equipment are also very popular for men.

Other men like cake designs that have a masculine flair to them. No rule says you have to have a cake that looks like it was designed by a male. You can decorate it however you want it to, and the icing will show it. If you are having a male friend or relative to celebrate his birthday, then why not have a cake with an athletic theme? Maybe, a cake decorated with equipment, or a sports ball, or even a cake with athletic shoes on it.

For the birthday cake of someone that does not share your interests, then it may be a good idea to get them something that is unique and different. A unique cake is always a hit. Red velvet cake makes a great base for any type of cake design. Some of the most popular cake decorations that use red velvet cake lines are cupcakes, pies, cookies, muffins, and cupcakes in birthday cake form. With so many options available, it is easy to come up with a cake that someone will love. It is not hard to find something that they will be happy to display.

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flowers on cakes

Can You Have Flowers On The Wedding Cake?

The question often comes up asking, can flowers on cakes make your wedding or baby shower memorable? Is this something you can do yourself or do you have to hire someone to do this for you? The answer is both Yes! and No!

Now unless you’ve been living under a rock (this is cool), you’ve probably been pretty resistant to the idea of putting fresh flowers on cakes. After all, the thought of killing a tree to have your cake is probably not the image you want to have in your mind. They are also sometimes dangerous, as with many flowers. But wait, they are edible flowers!

Edible Flowers

Decorating cakes with edible flowers can add flair to any event. It adds flavour and variety when decorating with flowers. Also, it adds a natural look and isn’t that what decorating is all about? When using fresh flowers, you have to be careful as you aren’t just adding colour, but you are also adding fragrances. Each flower has a different scent. Using flowers will create an atmosphere where the aroma is more predominant than the taste of the flowers.

Even though edible flower food safety is becoming a thing of the past (due largely to the fact that it is required by law in many states), there are still some tips that should be followed when using them. First, you must use a non-toxic type of floral tape. This should be non-toxic enough so that it won’t cause any harm to anyone, but still will allow air to circulate. You will want to avoid using a glue that is glue-based. These glue-based adhesives are toxic and can cause burns, and if the icing is edible, your cake could even become malnourished from the glue.

flowers on cakes


Also, you should avoid adding fresh flowers on cakes that aren’t already prepared. When creating a cake, or preparing a cake for someone else, you need to make sure that they are not going to be ingesting dangerous amounts of food while being exposed to them. When you decorate a cake, and especially when you are adding fresh flowers to it, you need to take this very seriously. Don’t leave fresh flowers on a cake to be eaten…

But most importantly, you should keep fresh flowers on cakes out of the reach of children. If children were to find fresh flowers on cakes, it would probably cause them to suffer from a potentially fatal poisoning shock. This would certainly violate numerous childhood health laws that are in place for just this reason. Even if flowers on cakes are used to add a touch of natural flavouring or colour, kids need to understand that these flowers are dangerous and that there are real dangers that come with having flowers on cakes. Children simply cannot be trained to enjoy flowers on cakes…

Extra Tips

If you are adding flowers to your favourite cake, but you are unsure whether or not it is okay to do so, you may wish to ask the cake decorator who created the piece of cake for you. They will know whether or not flowers on cakes are appropriate. As with most things in life, if you have a choice, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Finally, another common question that people often have about adding fresh flowers on cakes is about taste. In general, the answer to this question is that yes, fresh flowers on cakes taste good. However, the best way to find out if flowers on cakes will taste good for you is to simply give them a try. By all means, look through the local cake store catalogue for ideas on what flowers to use – or even browse online for some inspiration. The important thing is to remember that there is no right or wrong answer to the question “Should flowers on cakes?”

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wedding cakes

Wedding Cakes: A Ceremony by Itself

A wedding cake is a customary cake served at wedding ceremonies after dinner. In some areas of England, the wedding cakes are served as a wedding breakfast; the wedding breakfast doesn’t necessarily mean that the meal is to be held early in the morning, however, on the same day. The wedding cakes are traditionally round in shape with a long square or rectangular base and a short top. Wedding cakes are usually made of fruitcake or wedding cakes and glazed in white or yellow frosting.


One traditional types of wedding cakes is a chocolate wedding cake, which usually has a chocolate fondant topping. The chocolate fondant is often decorated with marzipan, fresh fruits and sometimes other sugar flowers. Sometimes, chocolate curls or chocolate coins are used as accents. Another variation of chocolate cake is the chocolate angel cake. This cake has a thin white layer with chocolate shavings or lollipops as accents.

Another option for wedding cakes is the wedding cakes with buttercream icing covering. The buttercream icing is a recipe which can be found on the internet or in books with recipes printed. To make this cake, you need to use cooled butter, unsalted cold cream cheese, sugar, chocolate pieces and food colouring. Next, mix all the ingredients until the mixture holds its shape.

Other wedding cakes to look out for are the wedding cakes decorated with marzipan or even the wedding cakes decorated with a fondant topping. These two are made from the same recipe but are done in different ways. Marzipan is a pastry that has been rolled out and used to make lattice-like layers. The fondant topping used to decorate the wedding cakes is also a pastry, rolled out and decorated with a fondant topping. The recipes for these two varieties are relatively the same.

wedding cakes

Popular Wedding Cakes

The most popular wedding cakes for dessert are the ones that have a variety of flavours. In America, the most popular flavours are hazelnut and blueberry. Most Middle Eastern wedding cakes use dates as their flavour, whereas French and Italian cakes use blueberries and cranberries. It says lael, a slang word for honey in Israel, which is the most common flavour.

Wedding cakes’ baker says that the choice of flavours depends on the bride’s taste and budget. She can also play with flavours to suit the wedding theme. Some people choose a cake with a hint of vanilla to add a hint of elegance to the occasion. Others may choose red velvet for a wedding with a romantic theme. However, the baker says it all comes down to the bride and her moods.

Important Tips

One important thing to note is that white icing should be used to top wedding cakes and not the regular brown icing used to top cupcakes. When the wedding is held outdoors, the regular brown icing is not appropriate since it will get baked into the wedding cakes. The white icing gives the wedding cakes a better look and is easier to use than the brown. The wedding cakes can be made in several layers, however, the bride should choose the number she likes best.

When the wedding cakes are decorated, it is important to let the guests who will be attending the wedding know so they can bring a piece or two. However, when the cake has already been decorated, the bride should place the pieces together before serving it. When serving the wedding cakes, the bride can also include the wedding cakes’ toppings and decorations. When the wedding cakes are served, the guests can help themselves to them. They can place a piece or two on their plate or fork as a wedding token.

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baptism cakes

Baptism Cakes: Making Your Special Day Even More Special

Baptism cakes for boys and baptism cakes for girls have their own set of fans. The designs are spectacular as well as delicious. They are appealing to the eye and delicious to taste. Most of all, they help create a sense of spirituality and baptism is all about being spiritual.

There are many reasons why people prefer baptism cakes for boys or cupcakes for girls. The designs are eye-catching. Many designs call for the use of bright colours. This creates an appeal that draws people towards cakes. Besides that, the use of colours creates an impact and baptism is all about being creative.


While most cakes bake only from a white cake, some like to experiment with colour. Some like to bake a strawberry shortcake. Others prefer to bake a teddy bear cake. In baptism cakes for girls and baptism cakes for boys, the designs are often coloured.

Sometimes, the design is inspired by the season when baptism is taking place. Some themes are Christmas, Easter and Halloween. The colour scheme of a baptism cake reflects the baptism theme. Therefore, if your child is going to get baptized on Halloween, you may bake a white frosted cake with special decorations.

While most communion cakes have black frosting, some prefer to bake a white frosted cake. You may also choose to bake special cupcakes. If it’s a birthday party, baptism cakes for boys and cupcakes for girls with religious messages would be appropriate.


For special occasions like baptism, you don’t have to go with the traditional design. You can use your imagination. If you want to have a beach-themed baptism cake, you can bake a rectangular cake in the shape of a sandcastle. If you are having a winter-themed baptism, consider having a snowflake-shaped cake.

baptism cakes

You can decorate your child’s baptism cakes with frosting flowers. You can find fondant flowers at any local bakery or craft store. Fondant flowers come in different colours so you can easily coordinate your cake with your theme. You can also place baptism crosses on the top of the cake.

Simple Cakes

Baking a simple cake using fondant is not difficult. First, choose a colour scheme for the cake. Next, select a design that reflects your theme. Most bakeries offer a large variety of cake designs. After choosing your design, you will need to purchase the necessary gum paste and bake it.

If you are having a simple cake, you should not bake it very thick. One reason for thick cakes is so that the design has enough detail to make a statement. Another reason for not baking very thick cakes is so that the design is not overwhelming. Some people think that very thick baptism cakes are scary and religious. This is not necessarily true.

Some of the most popular designs used for simple cake decorations include characters from the bible, animals, and even cartoon images like Noah’s Ark and the tooth of lions and dragons. To create these designs, you need to start with a basic cake. Start by placing yellow-tinted fondant over the entire cake. You will then want to wrap the cake in a white sheet to completely cover the cake. Then, you will want to add red-tinted fondant around the edges and along the inner side of the cake.

Next, you will want to place a character from the bible on the cake. One idea would be to put Jesus or Mary on the cake. Another idea would be to put Noah’s Ark on the cake. A popular character from cartoons like Spiderman or Superman would also look beautiful. Then, to finish off your beautiful cake, you will want to drizzle red and yellow frosting over the cake to create an image of an arch.

Another option for baptism cakes for your child is to use either fondant or gum paste to create a fun and creative design. Both of these can be purchased at any craft store; however, homemade gum paste is easier to make. If you are looking to make a really cute and detailed cake, then using fondant may be the best way to go. For a more simple design, you can always use a white cake.

These cakes are an important part of any baptism celebration. They are a great way to say thanks to God for all that he has done for you and your child. When you are choosing the right cake for your baptism, you must take time to find the right one. This may be easier said than done, but with the right help, you should be able to find the perfect cake that will make your special day even more memorable.

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birthday cake

Traditions and Facts About a Birthday Cake

A birthday cake draws a crowd when it is served at a birthday party. A birthday cake can be a small cake full of frosting and eaten like a piece of cake. Other birthday cakes are usually layered cakes with several frosting layers served with a small lit candle on top reflecting the celebrant’s birthday. Other variations include tarts, cupcakes, cakes, and pies. All birthday cakes have one thing in common, they need to be decorated with birthday cake decorations.

Decorating a Birthday Cake

Decorating a birthday cake starts with the base or the bottom of the cake. Most birthday cake designs have an icing of some sort covering the bottom of the cake. There will also be some sort of topping on the cake depending on the celebrant. The most popular toppings are fruit, almonds, cherries, sugar sprinkles, candy floss, bark, pretzels, buttercream, peanut butter, cinnamon, kiwi slices, raisins, marshmallows, chocolate chips, gum drops, and more.

Some History

The tradition of baking a birthday cake dates back to many centuries. In fact, in some parts of the world, birthday cakes and other sweets are given as gifts during birthday celebrations. In America, the tradition of baking a birthday cake began in the late 1800s. The origin story of this tradition is not clear, but some historians believe that it may have stemmed from the practice of giving cakes to mourners following a funeral.

As time passed, other countries began to enjoy the sweet treat of a birthday cake. These cakes started to be called birthdays by the 1930s. At that time, many couples chose to have a “wedding cake” with the names of the bride and groom on it. Today, any flavours and colours are usually left up to the baker’s discretion.

birthday cake

Popular Options

One of the most popular options for a birthday cake flavour today is chocolate frosting. When using chocolate frosting it is usually decorated with a theme. Some popular themes include flowers, butterflies, hearts, and purses. If a theme is not involved, other options include elegant swirls, layers, and fondant or fondue topping. Another option is to have a chocolate frosting that is coloured like the wedding colour scheme.

In addition to the traditional birthday cake, many bakeries will also give a birthday cake to a guest upon arrival at a birthday party. For instance, at a baby birthday party, the guests will receive a small cake when they arrive. The tradition started with a German baby birthday party when the guests received a cake with a birthday candle on it. The candle was lit and the cake was shared by the baby’s parents and their friends.

Cake Toppings

Most bakeries offer a large variety of food cake toppings. Some of the more common ones include fruit, nuts, chocolate cake, and carrot cake. A birthday cake may be served as a dessert before or after a meal. It is not uncommon to have a birthday cake served along with coffee, tea or a snack. This allows the guest to munch while they wait for the main meal to be served. Some guests may even prefer a cheese platter with the birthday cake.

To have a birthday cake that can be personalized a bit more, a person may want to have a custom birthday cake. Many companies will make a birthday cake with a person’s name or a special message on it. Some companies will do this for a set fee. These types of cakes are usually more elaborate and require a bit more skill on the part of the bakers. A simple homemade birthday cake may still be customized however, there are many great online resources where a person can find great ideas and great recipes for making a birthday cake.

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